If you have any questions or concerns related to the recent Service Updates, please look at our FAQ section Section below, or contact us at your local branch.


FAQ's – Service Updates, October 21-23rd

This download provides detailed information about our service changes. Use it to help answer your questions. 

+ Will I continue to use my existing personal access number (PAN)?

Yes, all members in all locations will continue to use their existing personal access number.

+ What happens to my Online Banking password?

Existing Mountain View Credit Union members will continue to use the password they now have. Eckville members will need to enter a temporary password the first time you log in, after the weekend. Your temporary PAC will be set to the last 5 digits of your highest numbered ACTIVE Debit Card. Once you have logged on with your temporary password, you will be prompted to enter a new PAC of your choice.

+ Will sign-in to my Online Banking be the same?

The first time our Eckville members log in, you will be required to enroll in increased authentication, to improve your Online Banking security.

+ Will there be changes to Online Banking functions?

The majority of functions currently offered through the Eckville Online Banking site will continue to be available on the Mountain View site, with the exception of loan payments. Due to limitations of the current service, the ability to make unscheduled loan payments through Online Banking will no longer be available. An upgrade to this feature is anticipated in 2017 and at that time, we will endeavor to add this feature to ensure that the members experience is positive and that appropriate controls and processes are in place.

+ Will there be changes to mobile SMS features?

Eckville members must remove their old registration by texting STOP to the short code MONEY/66639, preferably before the service updates. After the updates, you will re-register for mobile SMS at mvcu.ca.

+ Will the Eckville mobile site remain?

Eckville members should update their mobile bookmark to mvcu.ca.

+ Will I continue to use the Eckville Mobile App?

Eckville members should uninstall the Eckville App and install the Mountain View Credit Union Mobile App.

+ Will the Deposit Anywhere service continue to be available?

After the service updates, Eckville members will log in and use the Mountain View Credit Union Deposit Anywhere feature.

+ Can I get Mobile Alerts?

After the weekend, Eckville members can register for mobile banking alerts at mvcu.ca. Once you are logged in to Online Banking, navigate to Account Services and click on Manage Mobile Banking.

+ Will there be changes to the Interac e-Transfer service?

Eckville members will be unable to send Interac e-Transfers from October 14-23rd, please ensure you have no pending e-Transfers during this time.

+ Will the Eckville website continue to be available?

No. After the updates, Eckville members will be redirected to the Mountain View Credit Union website.

+ Will my bill payee list still be available after the update?

Bill payee lists will be migrated over, as well as any future dated payments you have set up.

General Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is changing with Personal Statements and what will this affect?

We are aligning production of the monthly personal statements. As a result, Eckville members will receive their personal statement up to August 15th as usual, but going forward, will receive their statements as of the 27th each month. This only affects personal accounts – business statements will continue to run each month-end.

This change to personal statements may impact your monthly service charges due to the longer period of time from August 16th through September 27th. For example, package account holders will basically get 6 weeks of usage for the regular 4 week monthly fee. Pay as you Go account holders will see their fees accumulated for 6 weeks instead of 4. Additionally, any overdraft interest will also accrue for 6 weeks.

If you have any questions, please call or visit your branch.

+ Are my account package fees changing?

We are aligning our products and fees and Eckville members will experience changes with account packages. We have chosen a new transaction or savings account for you based on what is closest to your existing account(s). This information was mailed to you but is also included here - please have a look at our personal account mapping chart, and follow the columns to see the changes. (link to page where pdf’s are). We are confident that our pricing and service is some of the best in the market, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss the changes in our fees and accounts with you. Feel free to contact us with questions about account packages and the ways we can help you.

+ Will my account numbers change?

No, your account numbers will stay the same even if your account package type changes.

+ What if I want a different account than the one that was chosen for me?

If you see something that better suits your needs, please call or visit us. We would be happy to discuss which banking packages, plus any other investment and borrowing needs, will help you meet your financial goals.

+ Do I need to replace my existing cheques or update any automated fund transfers (AFTs)?

No, you can continue to use your cheques, and your AFTs will continue as normal, because your account number(s) are not changing.

+ Will there be changes to Online Banking?

Beginning Oct. 24th all Eckville members will be redirected to the Mountain View Credit Union banking site. At that time you will need to re-enter your PAN and re-save your memorized logins. You will also be prompted to set up Increased Authentication during your first login. Increased Authentication is a Two-Factor, Two-Way system that protects your privacy and helps prevent fraud. You will be guided through the complete registration process when you click “Set up” as you login.

For more information on Increased Authentication please visit our website.

+ Will I still be able to use the Mobile App?

Effective October 24th, the Eckville Credit Union mobile app will be retired but you can add the Mountain View Credit Union mobile app to access all of the same great features. The app gives you access to your money anytime, anywhere. You’ll be able to check balances, transfer money, pay bills and more. Plus, use Deposit Anywhere™ to securely and quickly deposit cheques to your account using the camera on your phone or tablet without having to visit a branch or ATM. It’s like having your local branch with you wherever you go.

+ How do I get the Mobile App?

Just download the Mountain View Credit Union mobile app from iTunes or Google Play, and sign in exactly as you would for Online Banking -- there are no additional passwords to remember. If you aren’t yet setup for Online Banking, please visit us in-branch and we will help get you started.